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Valda Lopo, C.Psych
Registered Psychologist


I am a registered psychologist and a member in good standing with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. My areas of competency are in clinical, school , and counseling psychology with children , adolescents and adults. I am fluent in  Portuguese.

Over my 20 year career, I have held positions in women’s shelters, community mental health agencies, school board, private psychology clinics , and university-affiliated teaching hospitals ( McMaster Children’s Hospital and Hamilton General Hospital). I have worked in a outpatient psychiatric settings providing assessment and treatment services (i.e., psychotherapy) for adults and children with primary mental health problems (e.g., depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders, pervasive development delays,  behavior problems etc.), as well as in private clinical settings with adults who have psychological problems or concerns associated with a medical illness such as pain disorders, traumas ( including ca related accidents), and work related injuries. This breadth of experience has led to the development of a high level of competence and expertise in working effectively with people who are struggling with a range of psychological issues and conditions of varying complexities.

While I have always maintained a general practice, I am additionally recognized for my expertise in working with adults and children survivors of psychological trauma ( car accidents, work related traumas, and sexual abuse). I am also recognized by the work with immigrants and issues related to acculturation. Through my appointments in clinical and school psychology, I have maintained a strong commitment to excellence, and I restrict my practice to providing those models of psychotherapy that are most effective for providing sustained alleviation of symptoms and/or fostering permanent changes in thinking, mood and behavior.

My areas of expertise include psychological treatment and assessment following a motor vehicle accident, psycho-educational assessments, play therapy for young children, individual counseling for older children and adults, social skills training and parenting skills training. I also work with families for a variety of problems including resolving marital, family, sexual problems, step-parenting, blended families and coping with teen-related issues. I also work with couples helping them through the process of identifying, recognizing, discussing and managing the challenges that couples often face.

Therapeutic Approaches:

  • Utilizing a combination of assessments and treatments that best suit the presenting problematic and circumstances of the individual
  • Creating a client-initiated/therapist supported environment
  • Fostering discovery and self-learning in a proactive and responsive setting
  • Encouraging an environment of inclusion and personal development
  • Sustaining resolution throughout the therapeutic quest
  • Identification and targeting of opportunities
  • Motivating the development of lifestyle, self-improvement and related conditions
  • Committed to welcome all with respect and sensitivity
  • Inspiring the courage to maintain the struggle against trying opposition and sometimes overwhelming odds
  • Culturally sensitive psychologist